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I am in love.  My kids are in love.  We just met Art Beast.

This place is amazing!  Where else can you take your kids to explore different forms of art to their hearts content?  Where else can you let them make a mess with paint, glitter, glue, clay, sand, water and gravel?

Our Experience:

Our family went to Art Beast on a Saturday after lunch expecting to spend an hour…maybe two…of our afternoon there.  Little did we know it would suck us in and provide enough fun to last under dinner time!  My kids lit up when they walked into a room filled with every possible art medium they could imagine.  Where to start?  They painted, drew, glued, molded and built.  Even my 18 month old was able to participate and have a ball.

The kids got to use their imaginations in a room with a playhouse and a room that had a puppet theatre, stage and dress-up clothes.  My husband and I did not have to do much except guide them to the next activity so that they wouldn’t miss anything.  There were even musical instruments for them to form a band.  Our boys sat in a rocket ship while our daughter played in a coffee can castle.

Outside, there is this beautiful courtyard with hanging metal “instruments” to makes lots of fun noise.  The kids banged and banged until they eyed the gravel and water play area.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  They poured and scooped…and got wet!  They were fascinated and giggled that they were actually allowed to get wet and dirty.

The Expense:

Admission to the Art Beast is $8.00 per person.  They only charge for one adult per family and kids under 1 are free.  They offer a punch card and memberships at a very discounted rate.

An exciting fact I found out…every dime your family devotes to Art Beast directly supports and sustains Tubman House, a nonprofit serving young, homeless parents and their children!


Be prepared for your kids to get messy!  The paints and other supplies they use are washable and so you can just let go and let them go crazy.

You may not want to bring in a big purse or diaper bag with you because you will want to be able to move around and be hands on with your child.  There are bins in their entry where you can hold your non-valuables.  Oh…and their bathroom has a changing table!

Art Beast also offers some really neat classes and birthday parties.

Go!  Make a mess!  Have a blast!

Art Beast
2226 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 441-1233


Written by Keilah Woodard

Keilah Woodard

Keilah Woodard is the founder of SacramentoSidetracks.com, a mom of three and a Realtor® with Lyon Real Estate. She has a passion for finding adventures with her family! She has been exploring Sacramento and sharing a firsthand perspective with fellow parents since 2009.

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