Try the brand new Tsunami Soaker at Six Flags

| July 21, 2014 | 602 Comments

tsunami soaker

Get wet and wild!

Tsunami Soaker is Six Flag’s Discovery Kingdom’s newest ride and opened at the end of May of this year.

The ride has nine boats that rotate and riders can use their own water cannon to spray at each other. There are also water cannons for bystanders to spray at riders!

We had the chance to try it out and just as promised, we got SOAKED! My daughter and I thought it would be fun for her to review the ride from a kid’s perspective, so here you go…

The Tsunami Soaker is AWESOME!!!

by Madeline Woodard, age 10

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I really liked it! It was really hot so the ride was a great way to cool off. I liked being able to shoot with water guns while being on a ride. Plus, if you don’t like rides that spin fast because they make you sick, don’t worry, the “boats” don’t spin very fast. Another thing that’s cool is that you can get squirted in the line and squirt the people on the ride while in line. I also like that you can aim at the windows on the boat and the water will bounce off them onto the person sitting next to them. You can also duck behind the windows in an attempt to not get shot. I loved going on this ride and think you will too!

You should go on it when it’s really hot outside
You should wear a swimsuit under your clothes
You may want to bring money so you can go in the dryer ($5.00 for a stand-in drying machine next to the ride}
You might want to bring a change of clothes






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Written by Keilah Woodard

Keilah Woodard

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